HOME Team: Homeless Outreach Management and Engagement 


Homeless Outreach Management 

and Engagement 




A New Way to Respond


By converting a retired LB Fire Department Rig into our Mobile Command Unit, we are able to provide an innovative solution raising the standard of service deployment to individuals. 


Bringing the Office

to you


Equipped with Verizon 4G LTE and 5G, we are able to conduct onsite HMIS Entry, referrals to supportive services and assistance with gaining access to critical services.

In addition, we are able to connect individuals with partnering medical clinics to provide onsite medical consults.



Our Home Team specializes in providing Outreach Services along with Case Management and Crisis Support Calls.

With training in CPI and De-Escalation, Trauma Informed Approach, Housing First Model, Crisis Support and Response and Homeless Healthcare our team is ready to assist the diverse population of individuals experiencing homelessness.


Individualized Care and Mental Health Approach

Utilzing a mental health approach, our team is able to provide those that we serve individualized care. Helping to reduce recidivism rates and individuals falling back into street-level homelessness.

A Team that cares

The HOME team is comprised of:

- 1 MSW: Oversees all case management and provides direct services

-1 LVN: Provides basic medical tracking such as vitals, and works in conjunction with our partner clinics.

-1 Outreach Specialist: Provides Outreach to individuals who are experiencing street-level homelessness.

-Volunteers: Help to provide assistance with case management, and outreach efforts.


Case Management in-field 

By providing Case Management in-field, we are able to work with individuals on site eliminating the need to wait for a case manager to set up an appointment.

Time is Critical...

However follow through can make or break the chances of an individual accepting services. Too often we come in contact with individuals who begin the first steps of getting help to only be let down due to a case manager not following through. This is absolutely detrimental, and can unwind all the efforts the outreach specialists established. 


How do we solve this?

By having a multidisciplinary team, we are able to deploy valuable resources all at once, standing ready to assist those we come in contact with. 

Why is case management so important?

Case Management is responsible for providing individuals with critical linkages to supportive services, as well as helping guide individuals out of homelessness. 


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Helping to bring our neighbors HOME.

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