NOW Serving the City of Victorville

H.O.M.E. Line

Our H.O.M.E. Line or Homeless Outreach Management and Engagement Line is a dedicated phone service exclusive to the City of Victorville. Our HOME line will provide:


> Report Encampments

> Request Outreach for homeless neighbors within the City.

> Request information on programs and efforts the City of Victorville is conducting to address homelessness within the City.

Homeless  Neighbors:

> Request Case Management Services

> Request Information in regard to programs and assistance available throughout the County

Residents can utilize the HOME Line by calling (760) 205-1119 Monday through Friday from 8am to 10pm.  After Hours phone line is available from 10pm to 8 am. 


Out Reach and Engagement 

Searchlight Society will be providing the City of Victorville with Outreach and Engagement. Outreach Specialist are trained in CPI, Housing First, Drug and Substance Abuse and Homeless Healthcare. In addition we require our outreach specialists to either 1) currently be pursuing a degree in social sciences, 2) have a degree in social sciences. We believe in order to provide your city with the best possible results we must have well trained Specialists.

Our Street Outreach and Engagement Team's goal is to primarily reach out to unsheltered homeless individuals; connecting them with services such as emergency shelter, housing, or critical services.


In addition, Searchlight Society's goal is to empower our homeless neighbors by building a rapport and providing them multiple opportunities to receive aid. 


Case Management Services

Case management services consist of assisting individuals in accessing housing and service needs, with the goal of Housing First. 

Specific activities include:

> Intake and Assesment 

> Conducting initial evaluations in order to determine individual's eligibility, needs, goals, and potential services.

> Developing Individual Service Plans, as well as assistance in obtaining and securing those services.

> Managing Client's individual goals and progress, as well as evaluating effectiveness 'Teaching Method'

> Providing information and referrals to other providers

> Assistance in connecting to Internal and External Services 

> Assistance with obtaining: aid, vouchers, general relief assistance, and medical/birth/identification records.

Searchlight Society is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Searchlight Society are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. EIN  #83-1949165.


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